• PRO PLAN® Puppy for Breeders

    Our Dog Breeder Programme is designed to provide material support and online resouces to pedigree breeders across the UK. We work in partnership with our breeders to make their working lives as easy as possible, including providing free weaning food, New Owner Packs and online tools to track their litters from birth to new-homing

The PRO PLAN® Breeder Programme

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Thanks for dropping in! As a breeder, we want you to get as much as possible from our PRO PLAN Breeder Programme. So once you've logged in or registered, you'll find reliable support, practical advice, plenty of useful online resources and a host of other benefits, including:

  • Free weaning food for every new litter you register with us (* Please refer to Terms of Use for full details)
  • A Kennel Management tool to help you manage your account and record litters and clients
  • Puppy preparation packs, including PRO PLAN puppy food and vouchers
  • A Breeder Programme Careline, staffed by pet-care professionals offering expert advice

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Dear members, The Breeder Team have moved offices and during this transition we have experienced some technical issues with the phone lines. Please note there is a NEW phone number for the Breeder Team: 0800 0930 244. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and ask you to bear with us through this period of transition.