• PRO PLAN® Puppy for Breeders

    Our Dog Breeder Programme is designed to provide material support and online resouces to pedigree breeders across the UK. We work in partnership with our breeders to make their working lives as easy as possible, including providing free weaning food, New Owner Packs and online tools to track their litters from birth to new-homing


Purina has over 80 years experience in pet care, so we know how important it is to provide healthy, correct and well-balanced diets for puppies from the very start.

The Purina Puppy Programme is designed specifically to provide Breeders with support as soon as a litter is born to help ensure that puppies get all the nutrients their growing bodies need as well as help New Owners to understand the benefits of proper feeding and care of their new pet.

Programme benefits to you:

  • Free weaning food contribution (* Please refer to Terms of use for full details)
  • A New Owner Details Booklet to help you keep track of your puppies and record the details of who they've been homed with.
  • New Owner Starter Packs (including free food and a precision measuring cup)
  • Dedicated Breeder Helpline, so that expert advice is always on hand.
  • Dedicated Online Breeder Pages to help you manage your Breeder account and a guide to helping you get started online.

Programme benefits for the New Owner:

  • New Owner Starter Pack, including:
    • Free PRO PLAN® puppy food
    • Information guide
    • Money-off voucher
    • Precision measuring cup for accurate feeding
  • On-going support and money-off vouchers*
  • Consumer Helpline

You are eligible to join the Purina Puppy Programme if:

  • You have one or more brood bitches
  • You have at least one litter per year
  • You keep records and are happy to record New Owner details
  • You maintain registration with an appropriate body (e.g. Kennel Club)

Terms and Conditions apply.

* provided at the discretion of Purina.

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